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 hi welcome to another edition to my ever growing "series" of random rambles!! 

i love these posts because they are just a brain dump for me,...


 this should also be titled "cringe with me". but here are even more old pictures! most of them are of myself, because im sure yall didnt come her...


 january was insane. i moved from my only home, Texas. and i went up north. i traveled away from my friends and family and grew more homesick with...


 december 2018 was incredible!!! there are so many more things i could have filmed, so many wonderful memories were made, and im so blessed to liv...


 hi guys!!!!!! so today is Christmas day, and it was tons of fun, except...i got sick. one of my tonsils is super swollen, my head is pounding, an...


im waiting for the snow to wipe out your memory

i anxiously await the day when your laugh stops echoing in my mind

and i forget how you smiled at me...


2018 pictures!!! this isnt the full year review, just my fave memories. i have a crap ton more pictures but i picked out the ones that mean the mo...


 well, its been about 6 months since i last did on of these, so here i am, sharing 50 more facts about me! lets see if i can come up with evennnn...


 another random rambles, correct. but ive learned so much and God has given me so much to ramble about so here we are:

firstly, pursue Jesus more t...

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